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About Me:

I started my working career at the age of nine as a paper boy staying at it until age sixteen.  This taught me about business in a big way.

At age sixteen it was time to learn how to clean floors in a private school while acquiring an AA degree in electromechanical design and drafting.  At nineteen the big bad world of engineering was awaiting in the aerospace industry.  This was when the race to beat the Russians into space was taking place. I worked on the Apollo space craft’s guidance system.  Boy, was this fun and by the way, some of the equipment I actually worked on is still at the Smithsonian today.  This job lead to other space type projects and eventually I became an engineer.

In 1975 my wife, Margaret and I and our two children moved to Grass Valley.  This was a big adventure for us to move five hundred miles from home and change careers to become a building contractor.  For about eight years I built spec and custom homes.  But then I discovered that concrete work was very rewarding, so I acquired a concrete contractor’s license.  I poured hundreds of yards of concrete all over the county.  During all my years in construction I had a love affair with tractors.  I bought my first backhoe in 1976 and did most of my own dirt work.  Excavation was always my favorite part of the project.  It allows me to be creative right from the beginning thru the end.  So needless to say, that is how I ended up full time in excavation in 1992 with the acquisition of my engineering contractor’s license.
The thing I enjoy most in the job is the creativity of walking on a bare piece of ground and visualizing the completed project before I start moving any dirt.  I love meeting new people and working with them to complete their dream.  This is where the fun begins.  I really enjoy the process of getting the landowner’s desires from their mind onto that piece of ground.  

Over the years I have also been a public servant as an elected Fire Commissioner on our local fire board, county supervisor appointed member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Environmental Health Department and served as an elder and deacon at our local church.  

I look forward to going to work each day to see how I might sculpt the earth to accomplish the homeowner’s goals.  Of course, one of the highlights of the day is cookie time, preferably with something chocolate. 

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