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Septic Service:

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  We have been installing septic systems since 1978.  The industry has gone thru big changes over the years.  In 1978 most systems were gravity fed, and known as standard systems.  Since that time the industry has begun testing the soil in order to calculate which type of system would be the most environmentally safe to install and which will meet the demands of today’s living standards. The soils engineers are able to determine which soils work well with standard systems and which require more exotic designs.  We have educated ourselves in the advances of septic systems over the years.  On-going education at trade shows, seminars put on by the septic industry and State and local government has qualified us to install the newer systems.  We are qualified to install standard, pressure dose, and pre-treatment systems.
  A septic system is as important as any other part of your home and it needs tender love and care.   Most people want to know how to take care of the system.  Here are some pointers:
  *Fats oils and grease (also washing out paint brushes) that go down the sewer     are harmful to the septic.
  *Spread water usage out over the week whenever possible, i.e., a load of      laundry each day instead of doing it all on Saturday.
  *Have the tank checked and pumped on a regular basis, every 3 to 5 years until     you know what your lifestyle requires.  Some people can extend this out to 10     years, some not more than 2 years.  This is like changing the oil in your car; it     will run without changing it, but not for long.
  *Know where your leach field is and protect it.  Keep vehicles, sheep, horses,     cows, etc. off of it, and beware of planting large invasive trees in that nice wide    open area that the septic system installer cleared for you when installing the     leach field.
  *Additives are not necessary, providing you live a healthy lifestyle and are not     using heavy medication for an illness.     

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